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As a nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of individual donors to help fund our projects and initiatives. Your contribution enables us to provide agricultural and social programs for individuals, families and communities.

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The bare facts.

Bare Hands Bear Fruit is a 501(c)3 agricultural and social development organization. We are producing nutritious and accessible crops for communities and smallholder farms.

Since 2013, Bare Hands has planted 25,000 fruit trees and educated families on sustainable farming practices in North, Central, and South American countries. Our mission is to educate and encourage communities to switch to more nutritious and sustainable crops by integrating edible plants into their daily lives.

According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there almost a billion people undernourished today. We produce 17 percent more calories per person today than we did 30 years ago, and far more than enough for everyone on the planet to have plenty to eat. So, we need to fix quality, not quantity.

We believe that change happens at the community level. From the roots up. With your support we can make a difference from top down by helping create food enlightenment.


The Bare Hands Team